Saturday, 7 November 2009

And so it begins...

Well, today marks the beginning of the York Road Trip, and in forty minutes I will be leaving the house to head to the train station and meet my friends. It's far too early, of course, but I'm too excited to wait any longer than that.

Very much looking forward to this. Camera's charged and functional (hopefully), phone's charged and ready, clothes are mostly put-on and operational, hair is a mess, but that's to be expected, coffee's been made and drunk, music is on, friends are on their way, and it's not raining. This is a good moment here, I like it.

Seriously, I've been looking forward to this visit for weeks. I don't get this excited about Christmas. It's like being a little kid again, I swear. Genius.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Onset of work

So, the past week has been... well, I'm not going to say hectic, as that's a lie and the biologists in my house may very well kill me. But it has involved more work than previous weeks, which shocked me somewhat. Work? In a Psychology degree? This isn't what I signed up for! Especially not in the first year!

I've decided to start peppering my posts with photos of uni.

For example, for Friday I have to write an essay plan, fill out a self-evaluation form and make a flyer about Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a group of three, aimed at 16 year old prospective Psychology students. Now, this may not sound like much (that's because it isn't), but the NLP flyer is bloody annoying, if only because it's taken me, like, six days to work out what the hell it actually is.

Seriously, when the Wikipedia article is so convoluted that you can't grasp the concept, there's something seriously wrong.

Yes, students. Take note: Wikipedia has failed me. Panic.

The lake in the middle of the uni. Beautiful but toxic.

In other, less terrifying news, course rep elections are currently running this week. For those of you who are interested (i.e. first year Psychology students at the University of York), go to and log in. Then drag the candidates into your order of preference. Simples. *cheep*

In even more, much more exciting news, the York Road Trip is happening on Saturday! Friends from Gloucestershire, Salford and London are coming to visit me in sunny ol' York, and I am so excited that I may just start jumping for joy. Seriously, as Saturday approaches, I will become insufferable. Housemates, you have been warned.

Seriously, it's going to be awesome. So many hugs, so many photos, so little time. York won't know what hit it. :D